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Patanjali PORI Potash

Patanjali PORI Potash

Patanjali PORI Potash PORI Potash is green chemistry Potash fertilizer (K2O), a value-added product produced by Potash derived from molasses. Available Potash in the form of K2O (ionic) it is chloride and sodium free fertilizer. As with most nutrients, plants can only take up potash when in active growth, and also when the soil is moist. Apply potash from early spring to late summer.

Method To Use Patanjali PORI Potash

  1. Use 50-100 kg of Patanjali Pori Potash per acre according to proper moisture in the land.

Benefits By The Use Patanjali PORI Potash

  1. Rich source of potash (k2o)

  2. Potash increases the resistance in plant against diseases and pest.

  3. Significantly reduces disease & pest attack.

  4. Higher quantity of bio available potassium.

  5. Improve the shining, flavour, proper size of the crop.

Crops Of Patanjali PORI Potash

  1. Patanjali PORI Potash is suitable for all crops like cereals-paddy, wheat, cash crops-sugarcane, potato, tea, pulses.

  2. Oilseeds, fruits plant & vegetable crops and medicinal & spices.