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Patanjali Jaivik Poshak


Patanjali Jaivik Poshak
Patanjali Jaivik Poshak is a micorriza based granular bio fertilizer in which a micro but very powerful nutrient nano compound mixture has been prepared. Its mixture is made of humic acid, amino acid, sea grass, natural nutrients and various primitive and important herbs and medicines and micorriza. It boosts immune system of the plants. It is an effective produce of bio organic cultivation.

Methods to use Patanjali Jaivik Poshak

Use in soil: Use 5 kg of Patanjali Jaivik Poshak per acre with cow manure or soil during sowing.
Plant treatment: Put 1 kg of Patanjali Jaivik Poshak in 50 liters of water. Put root of the plants in the mixture till 20-30 minutes before sowing.
Soil treatment after sowing: It can be used in soil till 0 to 40 days after sowing. Then irrigate the field.

Benefits of Patanjali Jaivik Poshak

  1. Patanjali Jaivik Poshak is an eco-friendly produce for permanent farming devoid of toxins.

  2. Microrriza provides water, phosphorus and other elements to the roots by absorbing them from the soil. It also maintains pH of Soil.

  3. It enhances productivity due to presence of powerful bio nutrients and maintains fertility for a long time.

  4. It also increases germination capacity of seeds and controls diseases.

  5. Patanjali Jaivik Poshak maintains the plant growth.

  6. It boosts soil fertility by increasing the number and activity of useful bacteria present in it.

  7. The useful bacteria check the plant diseases.

  8. It helps control diseases like root rotting, mulgranthi and nematode.

  9. Apart from enhancing nutrient and productivity, it works as a systematic bio-control agent and boosts immune system of the plants.