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Patanjali Jaivik Khad


Patanjali Jaivik KhadPatanjali Jaivik Khad has been developed on fully organic platform which is an organic manure, using remains of medicinal plants, flowers, vegetables, and cattle dung compost preparation methods, fortified with Trichoderma, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus at the time of composting. It contains humic acid, amino acid, sea weed and natural nutrients in a balanced manner. It enables plants to fight from diseases and insects. It enhances the immune system of crops and also control diseases. It can be used for all crops like paddy, wheat, sugarcane, potato, soybean, ground nuts, peas, onion, and various types of vegetables, pulses and fruits etc.

Methods to use Patanjali Jaivik Khad

Use 40-80 kg of Patanjali Jaivik Khad in one acre of land at the time of last phase of ploughing of land or if there is no moisture in the field. It can be used with cattle dung fertilizer called compost.

Benefits of Patanjali Jaivik Khad

  1. With the use of Patanjali Jaivik Khad, there comes a qualitative change in physical and chemical structure of soil. Therefore, the soil does not become unfertile.

  2. With a continuous use of Patanjali Jaivik Khad, soil becomes more capable of absorbing and retaining water and fertilizer.

  3. With the use of Patanjali Jaivik Khad, a number of natural useful microbes and their activeness are enhanced in a great way so that a plant could retain all the necessary elements with it.

  4. With the use of Patanjali Jaivik Khad, environment develops a balance in fighting diseases and it becomes helpful in proper management of microbes.

  5. With the use of Patanjali Jaivik Khad, the food grains and vegetables grown this way are healthy and nutritious and good for environment as well.

  6. It also maintains optimum pH value of soil.