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Patanjali Jaivik Subhumi


Patanjali Jaivik Subhoomi
Patanjali Jaivik Subhoomi is an important fertilizer made of mixture of organic and nutrients. It is a balanced mixture of humic acid, sea grass and factors for plant growth and natural nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash bio fertilizers have been added to it. Apart from enhancing soil fertility, it can also boost immunity of the plants. It absorbs required nutrients by reforming physical and chemical structure of the soil.

Methods to use Patanjali Jaivik Subhumi

Soil treatment at a time of sowing seed- Mix 2 to 5 kg cow manure or Patanjali Jaivik Subhumi per acre and put it in the field.
Seed treatment- Mix 500 gm to 2 kg Patanjali Jaivik Subhumi in the water per acre and treat the seeds. Put it in the fields and put rest of the Subhumi mixture in the fields.

Benefits of Patanjali Jaivik Subhumi

  1. It increases soil fertility.

  2. Various nutrients and useful micro bacteria present in the Patanjali Jaivik Subhumi enhance quantity and quality of produce.

  3. It boosts quality of any type of fertilizer, bio fertilizer and cow manure. It works like a catalyst.

  4. It is also useful for maintaining pH of Soil.