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Patanjali Bio Zinc Plus


Patanjali Bio Zinc Plus
Patanjali Bio Zinc Plus is a living bacteria-based bio fertilizer, meant for zinc dissolvent. It makes carbonic and non-carbonic zinc present in soil soluble. The plants absorb it easily. There are 2x10 (9) CFU bacteria like bacillus cereus, pseudomonas species, 1.6% microbial medium and 2.5% fixation at a time of packaging of liquid bio zinc plus fertilizer.

Methods to use Patanjali Bio Zinc Plus

Seed treatment: Put 50 ml Patanjali liquid bio fertilizer in a solution of 50 gm jaggery and 500 mg water. Mix 10 kg seeds with the solution. Now, sow it in the field after 20-30 minutes.
Root, bulb and stem treatment: Mix 50 ml Patanjali liquid bio fertilizer and 200 gm jaggery with 10-15 liters of water properly. Put root, bulb and stem of plants in the solution for upto 25-30 minutes. Now plant the treated root, bulb and stem.
Soil treatment: Mix 500-700 ml Patanjali bio fertilizer with 50-100 kg of Cow manure/vermicomposting, bio fertilizer. Then use prepared fertilizer per acre during sowing.

Benefits of Patanjali Bio Zinc Plus

  1. Patanjali Bio Zinc Plus increases nutrients in soil through disintegration of nitrogen compounds and carbonic materials and phosphorus solution, potash mobility.

  2. Use bio fertilizer as a supplement of chemical fertilizer. The usage of chemical fertilizers can be lessened by 25-30%.

  3. It increases the availability of auxiliary vitamins, hormones, and enzymes, IAA, zibeline, nicotinic acid in the plants. It boosts seed germination.

  4. It increases produce by 10-20% and maintains natural colour, shape and taste.

  5. It enhances soil fertility.

  6. The bio fertilizer is useful in Integrated Pest and Nutrient Management (IPNM).

  7. It is useful in cheap, eco-friendly and permanent farming.