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Patanjali Jaivik Kranti


Patanjali Jaivik Kranti
Patanjali Jaivik Kranti is the best all-rounder bio product which ensures a balanced growth of plants and protects them from diseases. It is a revolutionary product which has been prepared by Patanjali Bio Research Institute after an endeavour and research. It helps in the growth of plants and it has been prepared by keeping in mind how to ensure protection of plants from all sorts of worms, bacteria and fungus. It is a complete solution to all sorts of problems related to crops of any season and fruits and it shows the best quality and the great produce of all agricultural products. In Patanjali bio revolution, there is a strong and balanced blend of anti- diseases and a pro fertility aspect which protects plants from diseases and ensures the maximum growth, healthy growth and their proper development. It is the best alternative to chemical-based poisonous fertilizers and the chemicals which make our soil unfertile.

Methods to use Patanjali Jaivik Kranti

  1. Use it on leafy vegetables, pulses and food grains. To use it on one acre of land, take 500 ml to 1 liter of Patanjali Jaivik Kranti and mix it in 100 to 200 ml of water and spray on these plants. To spray on sugarcane plants, take 1-2 liters of Patanjali Jaivik Kranti and mix it in 200-300 liters of water and spray on plants which have a bit developed leaves (For better results, it can be used again on sugarcane plants after 2 to 3 months).

  2. To spray in the gardens, all types of fruit trees or other plants, one can use 1-3 liters of Patanjali Jaivik Kranti and for better results, you can use it in every 2-4 weeks. To use it in grass fields or herbs, you can take 500 ml to 1 liter of Patanjali Jaivik Kranti and mix it in 100-400 liters of water to be sprinkled in these fields.
Special care: Never sprinkle it on plants when flowers are blooming.

Benefits of Patanjali Jaivik Kranti

  1. This is an authentic product for all types of agriculture and all types of plants and it increases agricultural productivity and maintains fertility of the soil.

  2. Patanjali Jaivik Kranti balances the quantity of necessary elements and also prevents the danger from insects or germs which are harmful for the crops.

  3. Patanjali Jaivik Kranti is a well-balanced blend of elements.

  4. When this product is sprinkled on plants, it gets stuck with the surface of leaves and health plans to get rid of Nitrogen deficiency. It also ensures the maximum growth of plants and prevents worms, germs and harmful bacteria.