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Patanjali Dharti Ka Chowkidar


    Patanjali Dharti Ka Chowkidar
    Patanjali Dharti Ka Chowkidar continuously enhances the purity of soil which has become poisonous due to excessive use of pesticides and chemical based fertilizers. It also increases the elements which make the soil fertile. Patanjali Dharti Ka Chowkidar can be used on all kind of crops like wheat, sugarcane, paddy, potato, soybean, groundnuts and various kinds of vegetables like peas, onion, pulses, fruits, flowers and herbal plants which contain medicinal elements. This can be used in the soil at the time of sowing seeds. Later, it can also be used at the time of watering the field. It provides nutrition to the soil and crops and enhances the harvest and quality. It also increases the number of microbes in the soil which are essential for the growth of plants and also makes these microbes highly active in the soil. It increases the quantity of bio carbon in the field.

    Method to use Patanjali Dharti Ka Chowkidar

    Ten-twenty kg of Dharti Ka Chowkidar can be used in one acre of soil at the time of final ploughing or you can also use it when there is sufficient moisture in the field. This should be used according to your crop.

    Benefits of Patanjali Dharti Ka Chowkidar

    1. It reduces the effects of poisonous chemicals and fatal elements and also helps in maintaining a good soil texture.

    2. It increases the natural fertility of soil and also helps to get rid of the needs for using poisonous chemicals on the crops.

    3. It does not only helps in increasing an agricultural produce but also increases the quality and nutritional value of the produce.