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Patanjali Jaivik Khad

Patanjali Jaivik Khad has been developed on fully organic platform which is a bio fertilizer...

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Patanjali Jaivik Subhoomi

Patanjali Jaivik Subhoomi is an important fertilizer made of mixture...

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Patanjali Jaivik Prom

Patanjali Jaivik Prom is an important source of nutrients for bio farming...

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Welcome to Patanjali Organic Research Institute (Pvt.) Ltd.

PBRIPatanjali Organic Research Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. is not a company, it is a 'CONCEPT OF ORGANIC FARMING' that links a rising destiny of millions of rural masses of farmers on the one hand and many more suffering slaught of the unhealthy urban lifestyle on the other. It is all about economically processing Bio fertilizer products into daily farming consumables ranging Organic supplements, Bio-pesticides & various growth stimulants for a healthy plant growth; than supplying largely to the rural world.

The micro organisms will be isolated right from a various local places and the government sector that worked for ORGANIC FARMING, thereby increasing the effective income of the farmers. The health-based products will be made available to a large population in the urban areas that are reeling under the scourge of polluted food items and artificial drinks which make them vulnerable to a variety of chronic diseases.

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