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Upcoming News
  • AKRUTI Technologies for Rural Farmers.
  • There is very bright prospect mon the use of bio-fertilizers.
Research & Development
  • There is very bright prospect mon the use of bio-fertilizers .
  • PBRI look for cheaper & locally available but efficient substitutes or suppliments to organic fertilizers.
  • PBRI relies on strong R & D team.

Group Business
Welcome To Patanjali Bio Research Institute (Pvt.) Ltd.
Patanjali Bio Research Institute (Pvt.) Ltd. is not a companty, it’s a “ CONCEPT OF ORGANIC FARMING” a concept that links the rising destiny of millions of rural masses of farmers on the one hand and many more suffering the on slaught of the unhealthy urban life style on the other. It is all aboute economically processing of Bio fertilizers products into daily farming consumbles ranging from Organic supplements , Bio - pesticide & various growth stimulant for Healthy Plant Growth. Than Supplying than largely to the rural world.

The micro organisms will be isolated up right from various local places and government sector that worked for ORGANIC FARMING, thereby increasing the effective income of the farmers. The health based products will then be made available to a large poplulation in the urban areas that is reeling under the scourge of polluted foods items and artficial drink that make them vulnerable to a variety of chronic diseases . And all this that a cost that is unmatched in the market.
Patanjali Sparsh
Patanjali Sparsh increase the efficiency of the soil, it also increased the effect of pestisides...

Patanjali Humic-G
Patanjali Humic - G is based on potassium humate & also available in high quality granular for...

Patanjali Khad
Patanjali Khad is based on organic source. It is prepaired by mixing remains of fruits, vegetables...